Katie Penta

Lead Instructor

Katie Penta is from Greenville, SC and attended the College of Charleston. Katie enjoys being outdoors paddle boarding and running. She believes in living each day to its fullest. Before joining Revolution, Katie was in high-end retail management and became the mom of twins. After discovering Revolution, she fell in love with indoor cycling and can’t wait to share this passion with all her riders.


Katie Blaylock


Katie brings Revolution her surfer girl persona from Winston Salem, NC. She is an avid athlete, having competed in soccer and surfing. After years of experience leading group fitness, she brought her toughness and tenacity to Revolution. Her awesome playlists, fluid rhythm, and competitive spirit electrify her classes. Katie’s game-changing routines push her riders to the max.


Jackie McKelvey


A coastal New Jersey native, Jackie grew up surrounded by beautiful beaches and an active lifestyle consisting of every sport and activity under the sun. She moved to Charleston, SC in 2012 to attend the College of Charleston as a transfer student for the Communications major and immediately fell in love with Charleston’s vibrant atmosphere, energy and PEOPLE .

The moment Jackie took her first class at Revolution she knew she was destined to be an instructor. It is her passion in life to inspire and motivate people to be the best versions of themselves mentally and physically, and getting to do so through an effective, challenging, and FUN workout like Revolution's was the perfect fit.

jackie mckelvey instructor at spin studio charleston revolution (2).jpg

Chesley Elliot


A Columbia, SC native, Chesley grew up spending her days in dance class and on her middle and high school’s competitive cheerleading team. Since earning her Masters in Health Administration, she has found her passion in healthcare and fitness. After being introduced to indoor cycling by her mom, she fell in love with the energy, music, moves and passion of the instructors and riders. She combines her contagious energy, dance and cheerleading background, and love of music to deliver a ride that will inspire you to test your limits and leave feeling your best!


Elle Munns


Elle’s passion for the energy, music, and instructors at Rev made her take the leap into becoming an instructor. She believes that Revolution is a way to let go of the things going on in your life, a way to focus on yourself & come out of each class feeling stronger and more motivated than before!

Michelle Schmidt cycling instructor at Charleston Revolution in charleston sc.jpg

Michelle Schmidt


Originally from DC, Michelle went to College of Charleston and fell in love with the city. She’s a huge foodie who loves everything from açaí bowls, and sushi, to bagels and pizza — it’s all about balance! Her motto is, “everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Revolution became an outlet and a sanctuary for her during some of her hardest times. She loves music and plays guitar, so the awesome playlists coupled with the positive energy/vibes in the studio had her hooked. She leaves every class feeling empowered, and hopes to inspire other riders the same way in her class! She believes having a sense of humor will get you through anything - you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just have fun with it!


Hannah Knorr


Hannah is a little Rock n Roll & a jokester... Revolution has fulfilled her soul in ways she cannot put into words and hopes that she can do the same for you! 

gillian zettler instructor at revolution in charleston sc (1).jpg

Gillian Zettler


Gillian has been an avid rider at Revolution the past few years and now she is taking the plunge to become an instructor. Her passion for so much in life shines through her spirit indefinitely & we cannot wait to see that shine through on the bike. 


Catherine Olejarczyk


Catherine found Revolution when we first opened nearly 5 years ago & it completely changed how she felt about fitness. The joy & insane energy has motivated her to want to bring that same joy to other riders.


Joni Zavolta


Joni is originally from Wheeling, WV and moved to Charleston this past August 2018. She is a law student at Charleston School of Law. Joni immediately fell in love with Rev and the good vibes it brings! She hopes to make you excited with her variety of music ranging from Hip Hop, EDM, and Rap. Get ready to sweat it out with her and leave class feeling accomplished and refreshed!