Ready to book? Classes are released at noon on Monday for the following Tuesday to Monday.


Rev Ride

This is our 45-minute signature rhythm-based cycling class. REV Rides are full-body and high-energy with with killer arm, core, and sprint sequences that take you through a mind and body transformation. Our instructors provide a motivational ride with challenging choreography that will leave you sweaty and inspired.


Rev Power

Rev Power brings more resistance with more arm and core sculpting moves than our classic Rev Ride. This workout focuses on intervals with less choreography to give you an athletic-focused workout that will leave your body feeling stronger.


REVival Ride

More music, more power, and more pedaling. With our 60-minute REVival Ride, you have 15 more minutes to channel your passion and achieve your goals. When you get revved up and power through you’ll leave feeling REVived and accomplished.


Rev Core

A 45 minute ride with a strong focus on core centric movements. RevCore is a 35 minute signature RevRide followed by 10 minutes of core blasting mat work.

BYOM - Bring Your Own Mat!