Jackie Mckelvey



A coastal New Jersey native, Jackie grew up surrounded by beautiful beaches and an active lifestyle consisting of every sport and activity under the sun. She moved to Charleston, SC in 2012 to attend the College of Charleston as a transfer student for the Communications major and immediately fell in love with Charleston’s vibrant atmosphere, energy and PEOPLE (she’s a people person!) Jackie currently runs a local non-profit organization for budding and well-established entrepreneurs and plays on more than 3 recreational sports teams including her two favorites, softball and bowling.

The moment Jackie took her first class at Revolution she knew she was destined to be an instructor. It is her passion in life to inspire and motivate people to be the best versions of themselves mentally and physically, and getting to do so through an effective, challenging, and FUN workout like Revolution's was the perfect fit.

You can find Jackie always singing, whistling, dancing and laughing. But don’t be fooled by her bubbly nature, she brings the HEAT and sick beats to her classes!