Chandler Frisbie


"Be the energy you want to attract"


Chandler brings contagious energy, passion and fun to the saddle. She grew up playing softball and played all four years at the College of Charleston, igniting her competitive nature and her strong desire to push herself and those around her beyond their limits. She fell in love with Charleston quickly-now calling it her home-and loved the way Revolution brought out her energetic side as well as her ability to lead others to their own personal greatness and well-being. Revolution was a way for her to let go, to feel, and to be grateful for the way her body could move and change. Each ride inspires her more and more, but the people in class are the ones who truly inspire her to be the best instructor and person she can possibly be.

She believes in doing something every day that scares you. She believes that the cure for anything is salt water. And she believes REV can truly change your life physically, mentally and spiritually. When she's not in the saddle, you can find her at her other job, lululemon King Street or laying in the sun on Sullivan's island.

Chandler is everyone's best friend, so don't be scared! Try out one of her classes for a challenging but fun ride and always remember to bring that energy! It's contagious!